OTC Sildenafil Citrate Online - Easy to Order Viagra

The twentieth century will remain in the human history not just the era of progress but also the age of discovery of viagra. Men and women of the whole world were inspired by appearing of the blue pill, but it was rarely spoken out loudly.

What's actually a viagra? It’s a blue pill weighing 20-100 mg, taken inside and remaining one of the most popular pharmacological product. Experts say the introduction of viagra marked the change-over to a new orbit in healing male and female genital disorders.

Generic viagra and the way it works

By viagra is meant a medicine used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Its trademark name is sildenafil. This medicine is widely acknowledged as sildenafil citrate and it has been sold as a generic one since 2013. A generic drug is commonly a copy of an original one and includes the same curative components as a branded drug.

The principle of sildenafil generic is quite simple. It brings to relaxation of muscles found in blood vessels walls and contributes to blood flowing to some certain parts of a human organism. The area of genitals gets an enriched blood circulating and thus erection is encouraged. Still, a man who's going to take viagra should always know: the pills won’t work at once. They are commonly taken half an hour or an hour prior to starting the sexual transaction. One more essential fact is that the pills of that medicine work only providing that there's a sexual excitement. The sole consuming of viagra with the absence of sexual stimulation won’t bring any positive effect.

How to purchase generic viagra online?

Nowadays there's no need to go and visit drugstores to buy those pills. There are some web resources that help you to purchase sildenafil citrate online. All you need is just to choose the optimal version of that medicine and add it to your online cart. Some patients doubt if it’s safe to purchase sildenafil over the counter.  The great number of web-sites enjoy a good reputation and assure potential buyers of high quality and reliability of products.

Most commonly asked questions when purchasing viagra online

Not everyone is quite sure that buying sildenafil online would solve all their problems. They often ask if it's advisable to purchase sildenafil from online stores and if it's the only way out. There are quite a lot of different methods of curing erectile dysfunction. Penile surgery, for instance, can be a painful and just not a safe way. Moreover, it would cost you a fortune. On the contrary, sildenafil citrate pills are cheaper than any kind of surgery and are widely accessible.

The other issue is whether you should require a medication prescription to buy viagra. Even though you're completely fit, you still need a special doctor's order for consuming sildenafil pills. It is strongly recommended for the people with some serious health disorders that they consult with their doctor prior to consuming viagra, especially sildenafil 100 mg.

Buying online viagra and necessary dosage

When purchasing generic viagra online you should know the sildenafil dosage that would be sufficient for you. It is often recommended to ask your attending physician before and then define whether one or another quantity of this medication would be effective for maintaining your proper sexual life. Generally, sildenafil citrate 100 mg is the most popular dosage. It fits almost every man with an erection dysfunction. Nevertheless, it’s quite an individual issue, and you may need to go first with sildenafil citrate 20 mg. This dosage is also available and you can easily find it throughout the drugstores. The dosage of that medicine depends directly on your medical conditions.

Viagra is  generic and you have to be careful with it.

Before consuming this medicine make sure that it will be quite safe for you. Check first with your doctor whether you can take this drug with no harm to your organism. Patients with heart diseases should consume viagra extremely carefully. Some health conditions of your body may not fit taking viagra and namely:

• when your blood pressure is too low or too high;
• the recent story of heart attacks (less than half a year ago);
• medical problems with kidneys or liver;
• retinitis pigmentosa (the genetic eye condition);
• blood disorders, such as hemophilia, leukemia etc.

Viagra pills may also evoke side effects. Once you feel some serious health disorders during taking the medication, please stop it and immediately seek for an emergent doctor's help.

Commonly spread side effects of a sildenafil citrate may usually include these symptoms:

• light giddiness and headache;
• abrupt changes in your vision (changes in colors, blurred vision);
• strong nasal stuffiness;
• upset stomach;
• pain in muscles and back;
• skin rash.

These effects don’t usually last for a long period. They may disappear in four or five hours after their occurrence. If they stay longer you should consult with your doctor. You may also need an acute management if you suddenly feel:

• first signs of a coming heart attack – pain in chest, enhancement of blood pressure, sweating, nausea;
• sudden loosing of vision;
• pain during erection or if erection lasts more than 4 hours;
• severe body convulsions;
• shortness of breathing.